Brexit, why it will be successful

In its mission of proving the “educated elites” right (on the economy)

Since everyone about how the argument for remain was too complicated and that for brexit was simple and appealed straigth to nationalism. Let me make another complicated case for why trade with the EU and being part of EU protected the UK.

When UK tries to sign  free trade agreements with China and India, ask yourselves this

  1. Who has cheaper labour
  2. Who has lower environmental and labour standards
  3. Who will be able to take away all the lower paying skilled and unskilled jobs without having to adhere to stricter regulations?
  4. Who needs whose market more?

The UK might think that Chinese and Indian companies that export to the EU and adhere to those standards will be the ones supplying to UK also, even post brexit, but they forget that the same companies also supply to other parts of the world for higher margins whenever they don’t need to adhere to EU’s regulations.

Yes Britain will now march ahead with its free trade agreements with the rest of the world. And yes it may even create more opportunities for the rich, but the middle class and poor who wanted their country back have just given away the shield that protected them, while they are hurtling towards the juggernauts that threatens to flatten them.



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