Why should we hire you?

In the sales and trading roles in investment banking business the process of interviews and hiring is quite a daunting one.

First, banks will just try to interview you because they want to learn more about what you are doing and if there are some ideas that you will spill the beans on.

Second, they might like you but don’t have any “head count” available, its more of a if we were to hire we would think about you.

Third, they like you they have headcount, but, they can only make you an offer next month and don’t want you to talk to anyone else about it.

Fourth, they like you, they have headcount, they even make you a very good offer, they promise you your dreams of starting at the screen for 12 hours a day (possibly more) to make a difference to many rich peoples life and that too anonymously.

In all these scenarios once common element is the interview process. Everyone on the hiring team would like to meet you and interview you. Because it shows you, in case you do get hired, that they are important in the decision making process, and they get to show you off to the higher ups if you turn out to be any good.

So, you as an eager candidate are always looking to be prepared for the question “why should we hire you”

To help prepare the answer to this question, it sometimes helps to flip the question on its head and think why should a good candidate “hire”/choose that particular company? This flipping helps in 2 very important ways

You research the company and the team and ask your questions during the interview process to figure out what they are looking to achieve and why they think they will achieve it and not other companies, it also helps you evaluate if you are the right fit for the job

More importantly, you have to remember that its not a company that is hiring you, its a set of individuals. If you talk about why you chose the company you let the people hiring you also believe that they are doing a smart thing by being in the company they are in at the moment, its a validation of their career.

In my experiences, by the time you hit this question the ball in already in your court and the interview/s have gone well so far, for you to get here, so flipping the thinking at this point will serve you well and if this question has come much earlier than you expected, then its either because the interviewer is not experienced and/or the company is still in scenarios one, two or three (that we discussed earlier and there is no real offer here) so there is nothing to worry about anyway.

So the next time you are up for a job interview, be the benevolent candidate considering hiring them not them hiring you.



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