Sunday Morning, and the Impossible Trinity?

A conversation with another…

A: What if i dont want to change the world anymore?
B: Phir tu jeeyega ✔ (then you will win)

A:What if i dont want to change the world anymore? and just take credit for the change that happens anyway?
B: Phir tu phasa hi rahega (then you will stay trapped)

B: What caused this thought process?
A: just thinking about what i value most.. and the question of 1) legacy vs 2) freedom vs 3)anarchy of the self seems like the impossible trinity…

A: there is one rather simple idea that will give me freedom if i work at it hard enough.. but wont give me 1 by design.. hence i thot i would bounce of this question off someone who seems to be ahead of me on the same (pseudo) intellectual journey… who i believe has made similar stops as i am making..
B: I don’t now how far ahead or behind I am. But here is one thing I have learned and value the most, from the last 5 years,

Anything that is in my head- question, idea, philosophy Is worth exactly =0, Unless some of it starts taking form, And as it starts taking form, I realize that the form is very very different from what I had imagined. So I’m deriving my highs out of seeing some of these half baked ever evolving forms, And in the comedy that emerges thereby.



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