The wonderful world of labels

As she walked across the red carpet..

“Who are you wearing”, they screamed at her while frantically clicking more photos

she smiled back and replied..
“..no not wearing any labels today”

and then the clicking stopped, everyone lost interest…


Labels and their myriad wonderful uses

Are you a Liberal, a Conservative, a Feminist, a banker, a lawyer, an elitist, an NRI, a bureaucrat, an Aaptard, a moditard, a right-winger, a presstitute, a liberal, a Libtard, a communist, a leftist, a capitalist, an oligarch, a bit too religious, a Feminazi, a Millennial?

If you were looking for an easy and efficient way to

  1. Get rid of the “problem” of having to listen to people whom you don’t like
  2. Having to not consider the feelings of people whose advice/words you disagree with or just dislike,
  3. Disregard some task that someone you know has given you

And you want to do all these things without guilt? Then look no further than the wonderful world of labels.

Assigning a label is the easiest way of discounting the person. It doesn’t matter if the idea or the task is related to the label.

For example, if you professor or you boss makes an edit and/or suggests an improvement to your work, its easier to disregard the advice if you knew he was a secret trump supporter, even if the advice has nothing to do with trump or his policies so much so that you are an Indian living and working in Raebareilly.

Is a woman asking you to stand in queue at the ticketing line?? You can either feel guilty and feel embarrassed or simply tell others watching that she is a “Feminazi” and they’ll understand.

If we don’t have to care about what others think or say we can dismiss them by applying a label on them. If some point of view disagrees with you it must be because the person is a ________ (apply any label there) and then you don’t need to pay attention to that person.

A label helps you discount, disregard, disrespect and discard people and everyone of their ideas.


PS. we will talk about choosing the right label for getting max impact from a forever sympathetic audience, in another blog post.



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