Why & Who?

I am good at analyzing situations and giving advice and if only I met someone just like me, I would be able to give them the best advice there is. Its just that I am not good at giving myself advice.

Most “GOOD” advice is, just a head other than your own, telling you the most obvious things. Hence this blog. Its about stating the obvious, stating the context and then watching the internet trolls take over the comments section, ooh and may be help a few people along the way

I am an educated person, with many varied interests and an equally fascinating and strong inertia of laziness that prevents me from pursuing any one task for too long, except my “fun” banking job.

This blog is another attempt to break out of a rut. In all probability I will stop blogging here in 2 weeks. There is a 99% chance that this blog wont have more than 5 posts.

If this blog lasts more than 5 posts then there is a 75% probability it will die within 30 days from that time.

If this blog lasts for more than 30 days  and has more than 5 posts there is a 50% probability I stop after it hits 30 posts.

If it goes beyond 30 posts then we are in uncharted territories.